Jussieu Observatory, France (JUS)

Jussieu Observatory, France (JUS)


Lat: 48.8464°N, Lon: 2.35607°E, Alt : 38 m above sea level

Sampling height: 30 m above ground level


The atmospheric observatory of Jussieu is located in the Ile de France region, in the Northern part of France, at the Pierre and Marie Curie campus (Paris Sorbonne University) in the center part of Paris (5th district). This is an urban site in the middle of the biggest European megacity (about 12 million inhabitants). The instrumentation is located in the QUALAIR plateform and the air inlet are placed on the roof of the building about 30m above ground level. A continuous greenhouse gases analyzer was set up at Jussieu and of June 2013 and was officially labelled as part of the French National atmospheric network in 2020.

QUALAIR is an observation platform set up by LATMOS and LPMAA in the center of Paris, on the Jussieu site, with the support of the Sorbonne University and the Pierre Simon Institute Laplace (IPSL). Understanding the processes responsible for the production of secondary pollutants (ozone, secondary organic aerosol particles AOS, etc.) requires improving our observation capabilities, in terms of the species measured and in terms of vertical distribution. This must be done in parallel with the establishment and operation of surface observation networks and satellite data that are not or only poorly suited to resolve the vertical distribution of pollutants. Data assimilation in 3D air quality models can partially improve the situation by restoring the vertical distribution of primary or secondary pollutants.

The establishment of the QUALAIR platform meets several objectives:

  • develop innovative instruments adapted to environmental issues
  • measuring atmospheric parameters complementary to ground observations from the pollution network of the city of Paris (AIRPARIF),
  • have in a zone of emission of atmospheric pollutants ground validation means for new space observations to evaluate the emissions of gaseous and particulate pollutants,
  • contribute to having in a regional zone data allowing to evaluate the dispersion, the transport and the modification of pollutants in connection with the modelling,
  • have state-of-the-art measurement techniques for gaseous and particulate pollutants on the university site to introduce students from the university’s environmental courses to the use of such instruments.

Measured species

In situ and continuous: CO2, CH4, CO


M. Lopez, M. Ramonet, C. Cailteau-Fischbach


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