Roc’h Trédudon Observatory, France (ROC)

Roc’h Trédudon Observatory, France (ROC)


Emetteur Brest Roc’h Trédudon, 29410 Plounéour-Ménez, France
Lat: 48.41°N, Lon: -3.89°E, Alt: 362 m above see level
Sampling heights: 25, 80, 140 m above ground level


Roc’h Trédudon is a coastal station located in the very west part of France (Bretagne) on the Monts d’Arrée, which is the higest point of Bretagne: 362m asl. The station benefits from a tall tower allowing air sampling up to 140m agl. The first GHG measurements begun in November 2021.

Measured species

In situ and continuous : CO2, CH4, CO and 222Rn


M. Lopez, M. Ramonet